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YFC gathered against deforestation


Deforestation and illegal commercial or developmental projects have been reported from many parts of the country. According to the reports the forest density of the country in the year 1882 was 82% and in the 2019 it was only 16.5%. An average of 26,800 hectares of forest has been destroying since the year 1990.

When the matters remained as such a cabinet meeting has been taken to invalidate the  Circular No. 5/2001, which was created a framework to preserve the buffer forests other than the declared forest reservations. After ceasing the operation of the gazette the divisional secretaries are vested with powers to utilize small forests for development projects without assessing the environmental impact and the approvals of the other relevant authorities.

The ulterior motive behind this move is very clear the government is planning to provide lands for Chinese and USA investments. Youth for change organized a protest in front of Central Environmental Authority demanding the government to re-enforce the    5/2001 gazette and take steps to prevent the nature.


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