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The current political situation in Sri Lanka can be viewed as more than complicated with the crisis of capitalism emerging and symbolizing in every part of the system

The current government which took over power under the pseudo slogan of chanting good governance and other such rhetoric failed the people time an time again. The symbol of this crisis was the Bond Scam which took place as soon as the new Government took over office. The issue resulted in a deep rooted conflict between the Present of the Country Maithreepala Sirisena and the Governing United National Party( UNP). The conflict continued to seer under which circumstances The local government election was held in February 2018. President Sirisena and the parliament group of the Sri Lankan Freedom Party (SLFP) which supported the Government were pushed down to 3rd place whilst the other fraction of the SLFP and the Opposition led by the Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa winning a majority of the seats overall. The ruling UNP were accordingly trumped making it the first time in history a ruling party lost a local government election.

As a result the government is now reluctant to go for Provincial Council election which has been postponed and instead are focusing on the presidential election likely to be held end next year. Despite the presidential candidate not being announced Premier Ranil Wickramasingha has been able to subjugate the internal uprisings of the members. The situation does not seem feasible in the long term as a majority of the party are opposed to Ranil Wickramasingha being nominated as the presidential candidate.

Even though the President Sirisena openly declared that he will not contest for the second time during his Oath Taking ceremony on the 9th of January 2015 the victory of the Mahinda Rajapaksha fraction of the SLFP seems to have changed his mind. Prior to this he made a reference to Supreme Court to ascertain whether there is an impediment for him to hold his post till the year 2020. Now his group is also expecting to contest for the second time.

The group led by former the President was able to win the Local Council election outright ironically creating conflicts within the party. Many Stalwarts of the SLFP who are currently in the same fold with the former President believe the presidential candidate should be one of them. However, there is another group who expect to bring Gotabaya Rajapaksha the brother of Mahinda Rajapaksha who has not contested single election in as the Presidential Candidate. The aforesaid rivalry has necessarily created an internal crisis inside the Mahinda Rajapaksha fraction. This has pushed them toward seeking constitutional lacunas to bring Mahinda Rajapaksha as a Presidential candidate for a record 4th time. However, it is evident that the aspiration of Mahinda Rajapaksha is totally different wherein he intends bringing his son to the presidential election and whatever decision he would take based on the said intention.

In the circumstances all the capitalist parties are rife with internal conflicts and as a class they are in a crisis enabling them to be the next agent of the neo liberal economic system. The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) which is now recognized as a petty bourgeois party made statements that they are in the process of building a broad mass movement to take over power in the year 2020.However the results of the Local Authorities election have destroyed their aspirations and served as a wake up call. Now they lack slogans to maintain the supporters and cadre of the party and thus as a party now the JVP is also in a crisis with pro left wing parties an masses rapidly detaching themselves from the politics of the JVP.

Hence the coming months are very crucial where the capitalist class has a challenge to choose its most loyal candidate for their agenda. However, the real issues of the country are frustrating the majority of the proletariat with none of the issues being addressed due to the economic predicament and internal political rivalry. Hence real opposition must be created outside the capitalist institutions like parliament. There is a huge vacuum for the left to organize the oppressed in the country.

Therefore, we must take that challenge and organize the proletariats promptly without giving room to the capitalist class to fabricate another deceptive slogan- just like the grand deception of the “ Yahapalana” slogan.