Home Events Police attacked FLSP peaceful protest against the US imperialism and racism

Police attacked FLSP peaceful protest against the US imperialism and racism


The Frontline Socialist Party organized a  protest on 9th June to condemn the killing of Floyd and oppose state terrorism by US imperialism and fight for democracy and equality.Floyd was an African-American who was killed during an arrest on May 25. Protests against police violence against black people quickly spread across the US and other parts of the world.

This peaceful protest was organised in accordance with the prevailing quarantine health measures of the country. Since the police had obtained a court order preventing the protesters  from gathering in front of US embassy the protest was shifted to Town Hall which is about 1 km away from the embassy and launched a peaceful protest keeping social distance and wearing masks. Police attacked the crowd and arrested another 53 comrades

The FLSP General Secretary Kumar Gunaratnam, propaganda Secretary Duminda Nagamuwa and few members of the Central Committee were also among the arrested persons. The attack was very brutal and inhuman. Several activists wounded by the attack were hospitalized. Court has bailed out all the detainees since they have not broken any laws. Police has broken the quarantine laws by packing all detainees in two or three vehicles.


Some female activists and Buddhists monks were attacked and thrown in to police vehicles by barbaric male policemen. Two lawyers who questioned the police about the reason for arrest also were taken into the custody.





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