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Party Programme

  • The prime duty cast upon the proletariat class of Sri Lanka endeavoring to accomplish the socialist revolution in the country to organize, train and lineup the proletariats. It is impossible to achieve socialist revolution unless the proletariats are organized ideologically, politically, structurally and materially.


  • The entire society is dominated by the ideologies, ideas and aspirations of the capitalist class who is having the control over the economy and possesses the privileges and power. Imperatively a considerable section of the proletariats and the supplementary groups of the society are trapped to these capitalist ideologies. Therefore the advanced section of the proletariats has a duty to flee the entire society from the capitalist ideology by a gigantic conceptual struggle.


  • The revolutionist must clarify the proletariats the uncompromised animosities between the capitalist’s requirements and the proletariat’s requirements. Furthermore the historical meaning of the socialism and conditions thereof should be explained to the proletariats while organizing them under an independent political party.


  • The reformism and the revisionism are the main obstacles to organize the proletariats independently. The said capitalist ideology is paved the way for class companionship with capitalist enemies while denying the proletariat dictatorship. The petty bourgeois who crept into the proletariat parties and the officer class of trade unions could not be defeated unless by way of a strong struggle.


  • The FLSP dedicates to build the party of the proletariats to accomplish the genuine and honest revolutionary aspirations of the class by strategically and politically organizing them. This is to be done by defeating Menshevik agendas of surrendering the proletariats to the bourgeois class by coalitions and trade unionism which deviating the working class from politics.


  • We believe the proletariat movement of the county never be fragmented from the international proletariat movement. Therefore we are dedicated to build the world proletariat movement in order to conquer the world socialist revolution.


  • The party programme is designed based on the above basic theoretical and realistic reading of the Sri Lankan and international politics.