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Movement to protect rights of Homagama area


Movement to protect rights of Homagama area

Homagama is a semi urban area with in Sri Lanka having a greenery environment. Majority of this area are farmers, government and private sector workers and self-employees. This area is situated 15 kilometres away from Colombo city and still there are comparatively large land as the people still involved in cultivation. However the government is planning to acquire the arable lands in this area for a so-called technology village project. The ulterior motive behind this is very clear to sell these lands of the people to a Korean Company in order start their industrial projects. We have already experienced that several areas of the country sold to foreign companies and the projects which they carried out culminated with severe environmental hazards. For example in Chunnakam area a power project was carried out by a Malaysian company and all the water resources were polluted due to contamination of oil and greece. In Ratupaswala area people are still suffering due to a another plastic factory.

So the movement to protect the rights of the Homagama area has been carrying out a continues struggle to protect their lands and environment against this vigorous attempt of the government.


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