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FLSP stand on 20th Amendment


comrade pubudu Jayaagoda illustrated the FLSP stand on the 20th amendemt to be brought to the constitution of Sri Lanka.

The 19th amendment adopted in 2019 was brought to supposedly saying that would curtail the superior powers vested with the president. Even though realistically that has not been happened the independent commissions were established diluting certain powers of the president.

The 20th amendment proposes to abolish the independent commissions giving all the powers to president to make appointments to the state administrative positions.

Under 19A, a citizen of Sri Lanka who is also a citizen of any other country (dual citizen) is disqualified from contesting the elections. The 20A seeks to remove this, enabling dual citizens to hold office.

The introduction of urgent bills to Parliament, which was done away with by 19A, is to be brought back under 20A indicating that the oppressively laws will be brought contrary to the wish of the people.

FLSP while condemning this attempt of the Rajapaksha Regime seeking to mobilize the people to adopt a people’s constitution giving powers to people.






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