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FLSP commemorated April Heroes


Comrade Senadeera Gunatilake delivering the commemorating speech of the April Heroes who sacrificed their lives for the sake of just and equitable society emphasized the need of the socialism in the crucial juncture of not only Sri Lanka Society but the entire world.

In April 1971 the April heroes bravely fought against then government which had failed to solve even basic of the society while creating a economic disparity and unemployment.Even though the said struggle was ruthlessly suppressed still this society is Persuading just and equitable system which was the cause of action for the April uprising.

මේ ව්‍යසනයෙන් ගැලවෙන්නේ ‌කොහොමද?

මේ ව්‍යසනයෙන් ගැලවෙන්නේ ‌කොහොමද?

Gepostet von Front Line Socialist Party am Sonntag, 5. April 2020


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