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FLSP 3rd Congress for ‘Revolutionary Programme-Combative leadership”


The Frontline socialist party held its 3rd congress on 13th October in Colombo. The old left movements of the country deviated from revolutionary Marxist-Leninist principles by forming coalitions with notorious bourgeois parties against the wish of the proletariat class. In the year 1965 People’s Liberation Front commonly known as JVP was formed as the alternative to the derailed left wing by the dedicated, honest and revolutionary comrades with the hope of building a party for oppressed class of the country.

After two armed struggles that generation has demonstrated their uncompromising dedication to build the socialism by sacrificing their valuable lives. However the JVP also began to deviate from the revolutionary politics by consistently forming coalitions with bourgeois parties since the year 2001.The said deviation was extended to the level of racism, nationalism and parliamentarism.

In the aforesaid context an internal discussion had been commenced inside the JVP by the comrades who wanted to turn the party to the revolutionary path. However few bureaucratic leaders of the JVP instead of exposing the membership for the important internal debate had taken measure to expel the comrades who led the internal struggle while defaming them as betrayals. Eventually the comrades those who fought to hold the red flag decided to form a new party together with majority members of the JVP. The FLSP is the new party which was sprung out of the revolutionary segment of the JVP.

The FLSP held its inaugural congress in the year 2012 amidst the grave suppression of Mahinda Rajapaksha regime. Subsequently the party held its second congress in the year 2016 building a party for the class. The FLSP proudly held its 3rd Congress on 13th October 2019 with the participation of its members and greetings from the international left parties and movements.

the theme of the third congress was ‘ Revolutionary Programme-Combative leadership’ and the party programme was also launched in the congress.




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