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An Introduction to Sri Lanka Revolutionary Students’ union


An Introduction to Sri Lanka Revolutionary Students’ union

Revolutionary Students’ union is the students’ unit of the Front-Line Socialist Party which was formed in the year 2012 on the purpose of serving socialistic revolution in Sri Lanka. The Front-Line Socialist Party was originated purely as a result of an internal consonance that underwent with in the Peoples Liberation Front (J.V.P). The Front-Line Socialist Party was established as there was a growing need in the society to have a party which theoretically & practically represent the middle & the down trodden class because the Peoples Liberation Front Was rapidly deviating from Marxism-Leninism. We are operating on the basis of Marxism-Leninism in order to make a marked difference in the society.

At present we are fighting for the social right of the education dealing with the universities & the schools situated all over the island joining hand in hand with the labour unions while fighting for their rights too. Agitations & series of awareness programmes are carried out to make the students and the other citizens aware on their social responsibility to stand for their due rights.

The Sri Lankan students’ movement is comprised of students of different political opinion & function together on a common goal of Obtaining & securing Free Education & the freedom for education. Inter university Students Federation is the main body of this task. As the Revolutionary Students’ union we play a main & decisive role in this all important process.

Front-Line Socialist Party was initiated with new intention of re-establishing the leftist movement which had been deviated from principles of Marxism. The Sri Lankan students movement had to face immense challenges & do scarifications , sometimes even by life, in process of safeguarding the free education, free health service and so many social welfare issues & especially when fighting against the ad hock privatization & issues arising for the work force in the country. At present free health service is converting in to a commodity & we are fighting against these decisions amidst lots of suppressions we have to face up on.

Revolutionary Students’ union which is a part of the Front-Line Socialist Party is fighting against the new liberalistic capitalism which has pierced in to the modern society & which has almost plundered the basic rights of the people  &  we seek the corporation, guidance & the assistance of the internationally functioning fractions.

Many problems that the youth & the students have to face currently, are so much connected with the capitalistic social system. Exerting the pressure on education on the students & their parents, government evading from the responsibility of education, privatization of education, student loan schemes, being sexual slaves etc. are some common problem that the common mass have to face at present & it’s our opinion that these problems of capitalism can only be dealt by a liberation struggle.

Further, there is a broad discussion going on that, the democracy all over the world is at a risk. Such situation has emerged due to the suppression of the voice of the common mass who are agitating against the establishment of the new liberalistic capitalism & to the existing policies of the government. The rulers who have failed to find solutions for these problems exerts suppression through enforcing police, military force and using the media as they are the tools of capitalistic mechanism commonly used to silence the voice of the down trodden class.

As a party our strong belief is that the method to defeat the capitalism which has deep rooted all over the world is only by the re-union of all the people representing the down trodden class. We would like to state that we are interested to work with you all in coordination to function under broad international foundation in order to establish true socialism in Sri Lanka.



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