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20th amendment country towards a dictatorship



The FLSP organized a seminar on the bill which is tabled to amend the constitution titled 20th amendment bill.

President J.R. Jayawardana introduced the 1978 constitution of Sri Lanka in order to narrow down the democratic rights of the people by formulating an executive presidency. The general public had not been given any opportunity to take part the constitutional mechanism of the drafting the constitution whereas president J.R. Jayawardana envisaged to implement neoliberal economic reforms which were introduced to the world in the 1970’s.Thereafter all the presidents have more or less misused the  executive power violating rights of all the segments of the society specially working class. There were prolonged struggles sprung out of the civil society demanding to reduce the massive powers given to the executive presidency. Ruling capitalist parties also used that slogan in their election campaigned to attract the voters whereas no steps have been taken after grabbing the power. However in the year 2015 so called coalition formed in the name of good governance brought 19th amendment to the constitution including few provisions that reduced certain powers of the president. However President Maithreepala Sirisena who was the president at the time of passing the 19th amendment has blatantly violated the provisions of the said amendment. Now the incumbent president Gotabhaya Rajapaksha who was able to secure 2/3 power of the parliament has tabled 20th amendment to the constitution shamelessly strengthening the executive powers superseding t J.R. Jayawardana.

The impact of the Covid 19 has intensified the economic crisis which has been gradually developing during the past decade. On the other hand Sri Lanka being an island situated in a geographical hub in the Indian Ocean now it has become part crossfire between US and China imperialism.17 trillion worth of debt burden has now escalated and the country was trapped in the web of debts. In order to carry out neoliberal economic structure there is no any other option other than curtailing public welfare and exploits the workers. In order to curb the resistance from the public against the neoliberal reforms the oppressive institutions must be strengthen. The Rajapaksha regime is attempting to remove the remaining democratic structures and bodies by way of a new amendment to the constitution.


"20 වන සංශෝධනය ළඟ එන මර්දනය" පෙරටුගාමී සමාජවාදී පක්ෂය විසින් බස්නාහිර සෞන්දර්ය නිකේතනයේදී(NADA) 2020 10 06 දින පැවැත්වූ…

Gepostet von Front Line Socialist Party am Mittwoch, 7. Oktober 2020





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