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YFC opposes Counter Terrorism Bill


Youth for CHEnge has organized a press briefing on the Counter Terrorism Bill which is tabled in the parliament despite the public discontentment.

When this government came to power it gave a promise that the Prevention of Terrorism Act would be abolished. In the joint statement with UNHRC, it was promised to abolish PTA. These kind of Acts are a hindrance to the civil rights of the citizens of the country. That’s why they should be abolished. What the government has done is a deception after spending 3 ½ years for its promise. What the government has done is to remove a few clauses from PTA and present a new Bill.

Several clauses from the bill enacted in 1979 have been removed and several more flagrant clauses have been entered, it is a bill to implement state terrorism on the pretext of countering terrorism and if the bill is enacted the right to engage in trade union activities too would be abolished.

The Youth For CHEnge insisted government that if this bill has not been reversed it has to face severe consequences.

What is horrendous Counter Terrorism Act?


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