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MFER demanded justice for missing people


Movement for Equal Rights (MFER) and Frontline Socialist Party (FLSP) organized a protest against the the move of the government to declare that missing people are dead and issue death certificates.

Plenty of abductions and the disappearances were happened in recent history in the whole country, especially in north and eastern provinces. According to the Maxwell paranagama commission around 25000 disappearances were reported during the last stage of war. United nations and Amnesty International also disclosed similar numbers based on the information gathered from North and East sources.  .

However dissapearnces were not confined to Tamils or North and East. Journalist, political activists, Human rights activist, businessman, students are among the missing list. Comrade Lalith Kumar Weeraraju and Kuhan Muruganandan, who were members of our Party, were abducted and disappeared on 9th December 2011 in a high-security zone even 2 years after the war. Family members of the victims and their respective organizations have been repeatedly protesting in order to bestow the justice for the victims.

Instead of disclosing the culprits of these abductions, the government has decided to issue death certificated for all those disappeared, supposedly declaring that they are dead. The president has expressed  his views at a discussion between the president and the United Nations resident coordinator Hanaa Singer on the 2nd week of this January. Entering their names into the death registry is not the solution for these enforced disappearances without revealing the backdrop these abductions and who’s command had caused these crimes against humanity.

The families of the victims  are not ready to just accept their death certificates and FLSP being a victimized party of these abductions strongly condemn the new stance of the government . If the government says they are dead, it is a responsibility of the government to provide all the information about how they were killed and who made commands to effect these abductions.

So, instead of burying crimes against humanity FLSP demanded government to initiate a proper and transparent investigation regarding all disappearances including comrades  Lalith and Kuhan and disclose the truth to the society about what happened to them.


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