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imported milk powder is equal to poison- PMFHS



people’s movement For Free Health Service organized a seminar regarding the poisonous milk powder business causes severe health problems for children and adults.The multi national companies mislead the consumers using their robust advertising campaigns with the blessing of politicians. Most of these imported milk powder products are contained cancerous elements and the children are exposed to various type of deadly illnesses.The health minister and consumer affairs minister are always mouthpieces of these companies which spend billions of money to keep the market active.Dr Geeshantha Dasnayake expressed his view on this issue on behalf of PMFHS.

"කිරිපිටි ගැන මෙන්න ඇත්ත" සංවාදශීලි සම්මන්ත්‍රණය 2019 මාර්තු 18 දින CSR ශාලාවේදී පැවත්විණි.වෛද්‍ය ගිෂාන්ත දසනායක එහිදී දැක්වූ අදහස්….

Gepostet von Peoples Movement for a Free Health Service am Montag, 18. März 2019


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