the new hunt of world super powers 

the new hunt of world super powers    The Indian Ocean has become a most controversial zone of the power struggle of world super powers. The...

Students and Masses Movement challenging the regulation to charge fees from school students

  Students and Masses Movement for Free Education has organized a press conference challenging the new regulation issued by the government to legalize and encourage...

31st November Heroes Commemoration

Why Pompeo visited Sri Lanka ?-Comrade Duminda Nagamuwa FLSP held a press conference addressing the impact of the visit of USA State Secretary to Sri Lanka. Before the visit of Sri Lanka Mike...

Whether India is an Imperial state?

FLSP expressed its opinion at the debate of whether India is a Imperial state Dear comrades we have closely observed the debate based on thesis...

peoples’ struggle against destructive technical city project

"වගාබිම් කොල්ලකන පරිසරය වනසන ජනතාව බිලිදෙන තාක්ෂණ නගර ව්‍යාපෘතිය වහා නවතනු!" මැයෙන් හෝමාගම ජන අයිතීන් සුරුකීමේ ව්‍යාපාරය විසින් 2018.10 .03 දින හෝමාගමේදී පැවැත්වූ රැළියේදි...

governemnt attacked IUSF protest

Today (2019.03.13) Inter University Student federation has organized a student protest against the proposed Counter Terrorism Act which is tabled in the parliament with...





FLSP commemorated April Heroes

Comrade Senadeera Gunatilake delivering the commemorating speech of the April Heroes who sacrificed their lives for the sake of just and equitable society emphasized...


FLSP joined with Italy Workers Movements

Frontline Socialist Party joined hands with international workers day celebration of the Workers of Italy

1000 movement gathered in Bogawantalawa

the 1000 movement held a protest demanding Rs.1000 day wage for the estate workers on 03.03.2019 in Bogawantalawa. Estate Unions,Civil society movements, Students movements...