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FLSP joined hands with Indian farmers


Indian farmers’ protest is continued to carry on against the  laws which were passed e in September 2020 in order to exploit the farmers. They have demanded to reverse those laws. Farm leaders have rejected a stay order on the farm laws as well as the involvement of a Supreme Court appointed committee. Up-to-date Nine rounds of talks have taken place all were inconclusive.

The laws which were passed on the face of it could be described as “anti-farmer laws”  which allow multinational companies and billionaires to acquire lands depriving farmers their life and the freedom. Already dozens of farmers have sacrificed their lives for the struggle oxygenating fighting forces to culminate the struggle defeating the capitalist exploitation and neoliberal economic policies.

Frontline Socialist Party organized a public protest on 19th February 2021 to express its revolutionary greetings and support to Indian Farmers movement. In Sri Lankan farmers also have been facing similar exploitation where currently acres of lands were given to private companies expelling farmers from their lands.   


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