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immediate solutions are need for public health and economic issues-FLSP

Comrade Duminda Nagamuwa brought to the attention of media the developing political,social and economic issues of the country amidst the corona outbreak.During the press...

FLSP commemorated April Heroes

Comrade Senadeera Gunatilake delivering the commemorating speech of the April Heroes who sacrificed their lives for the sake of just and equitable society emphasized...

49th April Heroes commemoration

It is April once again we commemore the April Heroes who participated in the heroic uprising of April 1971.Forty  Nine years have passed since...


IUSF came forward to aid the victims of corona outbreak

The Inter University Student Federation has organized a special project to distribute food items to aid the people who were affected their livelihood due...

FLSP press release on corona outbreak

  https://www.facebook.com/frontlinesocialist/videos/203933271026900/ The FLSP released its stand on corona outbreak of Sri Lanka today(24th March 2019).The summery of the Press release as follws; The 1st Sri Lankan...

MFER demanded Justice for missing persons- ITALY & FRANCE

  The Movement for Equal Rights (MFER) committees in Italy and France organized public protests against the statement made by the government and the President...
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